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Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Hazard assessments and industrial chemicals.

General information:

The Japan Existing Chemical Data Base makes available the toxicity test reports from Japan's existing chemicals safety programme. Each report consists of the nomenclature of the chemical, abstracts and summarized data from the studies in English. Individual study reports are available in Japanese.

Disclaimer for Information available in JECDB:

Citizens, NGOs, NPOs, businesses, etc., are free to utilize and cite the results of the existing chemicals survey conducted by the three Ministries for any purpose. At the time of citation, users must be aware of the following:

- The user must clearly state that the information cited by him/her is referred to the results of existing chemicals survey conducted by the Japanese Government.

- The user shall be responsible for any losses that may occur through the use of the information.

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Hazard information:

For each chemical, results are compiled from several studies, including, in most cases, a single dose toxicity test, a 28-day repeat dose toxicity test, a reproductive/developmental toxicity test and mutagenicity tests.

Search capabilities:

A search is available by CAS Registry Number, by Name, by Toxicity test. The user may also browse a list of chemical substances tested and a list of toxicity test reports.


The database is maintained by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Peer review:

The study results are reviewed by scientists from the National Institute of Health Sciences and other institutes.

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