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European Chemicals Agency’s Dissemination portal with information on chemical substances registered under REACH. Go to external website

Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Hazard properties, national GHS classification and labelling (CLP Regulation),information on how to use the chemicals safely.

General information:

The ECHA Dissemination portal provides electronic public access to information on chemical substances manufactured or imported in Europe. The information originates from the registration dossiers, submitted by companies to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in the framework of the REACH Regulation.

REACH has three deadlines for registering phase-in substances. they are 30 November 2010, 31 May 2013, and 31 May 2018. the deadline depends on the tonnage band and the hazardous properties of the substance. About 30 000 substances are expected to be available in the portal after the last registration deadline.

Disclaimer for Information available in ECHA CHEM:

Reproduction or further distribution of the information is subject to copyright laws and might require the permission of the owner of that information.

When using the ECHA website you accept its disclaimer: 

Hazard information:

The information which ECHA makes available from the registration dossiers is listed in Article 119 of REACH, and includes:

- The EINECS name, for substances listed in EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Substances),
- The classification and labelling of the substance,
- Physicochemical data concerning the substance and on pathways and environmental fate,
- The result of each toxicological and ecotoxicological study,
- Any derived no-effect level (DNEL) or predicted no-effect concentration (PNEC),
- Guidance on safe use.

For certain information items, companies can request to not make the information available over the internet, if duly justified. When this possibility is not used, the following information on substances may be found in the portal:
- The IUPAC name of the substance,
- The trade name,
- If essential to classification and labelling, the degree of purity of the substance and the identity of impurities and/or additives which are known to be dangerous,
- The total tonnage band within which a particular substance has been registered,
- The study summaries or robust study summaries for environmental and human health endpoints,
- The uses of the substance and the uses advised against.


In general, more information is available for chemical substances which are manufactured or imported in Europe in large amounts than for those in lower amounts.

Search capabilities:

You can search for a substance in the database by its chemical name, EC number or CAS number. If you do not enter any search criteria, a list of all the substances in the database will be given. You can sort this list by IUPAC name, EC number or CAS number.
To view the information in the database, click “view” in the right-hand column of the list.


The contribution to the eChemPortal is maintained by European Chemicals Agency.

Peer review:

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