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Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Hazard assessments, risk assessments and property data sets.

General information:

Risk Evaluation Reports contain full risk assessment for the environment, including human health hazard assessment, based on all available valid data.

In addition, two reports look at flame retardant chemicals and alkylphenols with a view to prioritisation for environmental risk assessment. The former focuses on environmental properties and hazards of known and possible chemicals used as flame retardants, while the latter addresses environmental properties and hazards of possible replacement chemicals for nonylphenol.

Hazard information:

All reports contain measured and predicted hazard information for the assessed substances. Data is assessed for validity, and the most reliable data is used in the reports.

Search capabilities:

There are unfortunately no search capabilities other than those available within the program used to read each document (the “find” function).


Reports can be found on the Environment Agency of England and Wales website, and are published as final reports. They are not updated.

Peer review:

The reviews have undergone peer review by government authorities and consultation with Industry, and many have undergone external/international peer review with authorities and academia.

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