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Exposure assessments, Use patterns, Industrial chemicals, Volumes.

General information:

The Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordic Chemicals Group is behind the SPIN initiative.

SPIN, Substances in Preparations In the Nordic countries contains information on chemical substances from each of the Nordic product registers. SPIN is designed to provide the public with as much data as possible from the registers without disclosing confidential business information. The national product registers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are unique. They are valuable sources of data concerning the downstream uses of chemical substances in products on the national markets. New functionality and design give professional users fast and easy access to chemical information. SPIN contains information for every year from 2000 onwards and is annually updated.

Disclaimer for Information available in SPIN:

Reproduction or further distribution of the information is subject to copyright laws and might require the permission of the owner of that information. When using the SPIN information you accept its disclaimer.

Hazard information:

The Nordic SPIN database includes an Exposure Toolbox. The first tool to be developed is the Use Index. This enables you to search for general indica¬tive exposure of human beings and the environment from different chemicals and uses. The Index is based on information stored in the Nordic product registers. The tool uses confidential data from the industry. The Use Index provides information on possible risks concerning specific chemicals and their use. This is based on available information and simplified indicators.

Search capabilities:

You can search by CAS number or chemical name.


The Nordic Group of Product Registers is responsible for developing the database and its content.
SPIN is annually updated.

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