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IGS-Public Informationssystem für gefährliche Stoffe (Germany) Go to external website

Type of information:

-           Risk assessments

-           Hazard assessments

-           Exposure assessments

-           GHS classifications

-           Pesticides

-           Biocides

-           Industrial chemicals

General information:

IGS provides public access to a variety of information on chemical and microbiological substances mostly in German. The software interface is switchable between English and German. The focus is on regulatory information reflecting German and European, as well as Swiss, US and selected other legislation and assessments. Beside this, information on substance data and emergencvy procedures is available. The database is designed for the use by officials and employers, but also for the general public.

Disclaimer for Information available in IGS

This website is maintained  to enhance public access to information on hazardous substances. The information is of a general nature and is intended for guidance only. Whilst the information is provided  in utmost good faith and has been based on the best information currently available, it is to be relied upon at the user's own risk. No representations or warranties are made with regards to its completeness or accuracy and no liability will be accepted for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of, or reliance on, the information.

Hazard information:

The following information is provided:

-           Substance identification

-           Physical/chemical/toxicological and safety data

-           GHS classification and labeling

-           Occupational exposure limits from about 20 countries

-           Regulations on major uses of chemical substances (biocides, medicine, industrial chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

-           Regulations on air, water, soil pollution

-           Regulations on substances in food and feed

-           Transport of substances

-           Assessments and recommendations by NGO’s

-           Information on radionuclides

-           Regulations and assessments on biological substances (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites)

-           etc.

Search capabilities:

Each substance is presented as a data set that can be accessed through name, number or molecular formula search. There are specialized searches using every kind of data available.


The database is maintained by

Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz Nordrhein-Westfalen

Peer review:

Data are reviewed by experienced officials in the North Rhine-Westphalian  environmental administration.

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