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Type of information that can be found via eChemPortal:

Exposure assessments, Combined exposure assessments, Human Biomonitoring Data, Environmental Monitoring Data, Food and Feed Monitoring Data and Product and Indoor Air Monitoring Data.


General information


IPCheM is a single access point for locating and accessing chemical monitoring data across all media in the European Union. Operated by the European Commission in collaboration with some European Union Agencies, it is developed to address the lack of information on the chemical exposure and burden on the humans and the environment, recognised as the major gap in the knowledge base for chemical policies in several policy documents in the past 15 years. IPCheM is not a database but a decentralised system providing remote access to existing chemical monitoring data and information systems: while providers maintain the structure of their databases, the provision of data therein is harmonised in order to be accessible, retrievable and comparable through a unique interface. This creates greater visibility and promotes a wider use of valuable chemical monitoring data, thus increasing the knowledge base for sound risk assessment, management and communication. Combining information and chemical data from different sources on a variety of environmental media, consumer products and food, and ultimately from human beings themselves, provides the basis for better understanding the effects of exposure to chemical mixtures. Further information can be found at:


Hazard information


No hazard information are provided in IPCheM

Search capabilities


By CAS number, substance name, spatial coverage, thematic module, media and sub-media.



The single data collection connected to IPCheM are under the full responsibility of the data owners /providers, for their maintenance and updating. The responsibility for the maintenance of the platform is under the European Commission- Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Peer review


While there is no peer review available for IPCheM as such, specific data collections within IPCheM may be subject to peer review under their own governance model.

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