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General information

J-CHECK is a database developed to provide the information regarding "Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc. " (CSCL) by the authorities of the law, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of the Environment.

J-CHECK provides information regarding CSCL, such as the list of CSCL, chemical safety information obtained in the existing chemicals survey program, Japan Challenge Program, etc.

Hazard information

  • Biodegradation
  • Bioaccumulation
  • Partition coefficient
  • Alga growth inhibition test
  • Daphnia Acute Immobilization test
  • Daphnia Reproduction test
  • Fish Acute toxicity test
  • Fish prolonged toxicity test
  • Fish early life stage toxicity test
  • Others

Search capabilities

  • List and classification of CSCL
  • List of Japan HPV Challenge program
  • CAS Registry Number
  • MITI number
  • Chemical Substance name (Exact match, Substructure match)
  • Search by structure
  • Regulatory Classification
  • Endpoints


National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), Japan

Peer review

Not all data of Existing Chemicals Survey Program Conducted by the Japanese Government are reviewed. Data of Japan HPV Challenge Program are not reviewed.

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