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General information:

HSDB® is a toxicology file focusing on the toxicology and environmental fate of potentially hazardous chemicals. The file contains over 5,000 records with data on human health effects, animal toxicity studies, standards and regulations, chemical/physical properties, pharmacology, emergency medical treatment, safety and handling, environmental exposure, and more.

HSDB is a valuable resource to professionals and the general public due to its comprehensiveness. HSDB allows users to access various types of data in one file. Go to external website Go to external website

Hazard information:

HSDB records include the following hazard information:

Human health effects
Physical/chemical properties
    Molecular formula and weight
    Boiling/melting point
    Density/specific gravity
    Dissociation constants
    Heat of combustion/vaporization
    Vapor pressure
Occupational exposure standards and regulations
Chemical safety and handling
    U.S. DOT guidelines
    NFPA classification
    Skin, eye, and respiratory irritations
    Reactivities, decomposition, and polymerization
    Other hazardous reactions
    Protective equipment/clothing
    Preventive measures
    Storage, cleanup, and disposal methods
This list of hazard information is a summary. HSDB contains additional hazard information in these and other categories.

Search capabilities:

HSDB is searchable by chemical name(s), synonym(s), CAS registry number(s), and/or any combination of words and/or phrase(s) such as: acetone, 107-44-8, skin tumors in mice, or biomarkers. Users may search with Boolean operators: OR, AND, NOT to limit search criteria. HSDB users may also limit searches to specific data fields such as: human health effects, metabolism, manufacturing/use, and environmental fate and exposure. The HSDB utilizes relevancy ranking based on the search terms when displaying search results to retrieve the most pertinent results for users. See Go to external website for a more detailed explanation of search capabilities.


The HSDB is maintained and updated on a continuous basis as new information becomes available. These updates are done with multiple quality control measures via an electronic file maintenance system. In addition to this continuous maintenance, HSDB records undergo a peer-review process.

NLM represents that its data were formulated with a reasonable standard of care. Except for this representation, NLM makes no representation or warranties, expressed or implied. This includes, but is not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the NLM data, and NLM specifically disclaims any such warranties and representations.


Peer review: 

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